Will the titanium ring be scratched?

There is a misguided judgment among buyers looking for titanium wedding rings that titanium rings can’t be damaged. In spite of the fact that titanium groups are solid and tough, and hard to scratch, they can scratch after some time with common mileage. It just takes much more and you must be significantly harder on your titanium gems for it to scratch contrasted with gentler valuable metals, for example, gold or platinum.

As such, titanium takes any longer to “break in” with scratches and that ragged in look. In spite of the fact that not 100% scratch-safe, titanium is as yet the metal of decision for those needing an uncommonly tough and solid wedding ring.

Despite the fact that titanium is a hard metal (it is utilized on airplane), it can likewise be scratched by grating materials like shakes, sandpaper, and solidified steel instruments.

Furthermore, since titanium’s surface can be ruptured, much like gold and platinum, titanium wedding rings can likewise be cleaned and restored by your nearby diamond setter to look like new once more!

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